CSU Skywatcher 8 Dobsonian Telescope

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The Skywatcher 8" Dobsonian Telescope is a large-aperture scope and very popular with astronomers of all levels.

The 8" aperture gathers enough light to enable a great view the Moon and planets in our solar system, and also allows for detailed viewing of stars, constellations, double stars, nebulae, and galaxies, giving a stellar viewing experience.

The patented Tension Control Handle means the mount will properly stabilise the optical tube so the telescope can remain in its desired position to view an object and will maintain its position even when the mount is rotated.

Dobsonian telescopes - Dobsonian refers to their style of mount - are renowned for being simple and uncomplicated to use, making the Sky Watcher 8" Dobsonian a perfect telescope for beginners.

Dobsonian telescopes provide great viewing due to their higher focal ratio and lower focal length. This allows Deep Sky Objects which are further away and dimmer, to be more visible.