DTAC provides schools with access to a bank of equipment to borrow. Help improve digital outcomes for students at no cost for your school

These resources have been funded by Education Advantage, Charles Sturt Uni Wangaratta, NETracksLLEN, Holiday workshops led by Galen VEX Robotics Students and other "Workshop Alumni" from other local high schools.

All working together for our community

see Booking Calendar for resource availability

If you have borrowed our equipment we would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK 

For more information/bookings:

Maree Timms, Galen Catholic College



Our current Digital Bank includes:

Qty Description
Class Set

30 x **iPad 32GB with Protective Covers and Digital Learning Resources

** These are to be used with specific resources if required. Supplied and managed by our partner - Education Advantage

Class Set includes 14x VEX123 Bots & coders

VEX123  Free teacher Resources/Activities here: VEX 123 STEM Labs

Supplied by our Partner - Charles Sturt Uni Wangaratta.    

VEX IQ Robotics Kits (Max. 2 per school or 8 for large event.)

See here for FREE teacher resources/activities VEX STEM LABS

Teacher online PD - VEX Teacher Certification Course

VEX IQ - Knowledge Base  easy access for help questions.

3 x sets of 5 kits per set.

*15 kits in total

VEX GO Kits    Free teacher Resources/Activities here: VEX GO STEM Labs

Supplied by our Partner - Charles Sturt Uni Wangaratta.     

Class Set

5 x Bloxels Coding Kit

Bloxels tutorials:

** NOTE we do not have access to the EDU Hub, as this requires a subscription payment. 


Saxon Full Size Professional Telescope - Supplied by our Partner - Charles Sturt Uni Wangaratta.     

Link here to Our telescope webpage for tips and tricks about using them. 

Class Set

12 x Sphero SPRK+ Set


Class Set

15 x Sphero Bolt Set



Osmo Hands-on Learning Kit with  **iPads not included, unless requested and are available. 

Osmo activities that we have: Words, Tangram & Numbers.

** Some other games and activities are online and can be downloaded - they don't need any other pieces, just pen and paper (Newton, Masterpiece, any others that say you need the whiteboard and pens)

Activity Manuals available here

Class Set

10 x Pocket Lab Voyager

Pocket lab webpage  

Pocket Lab teacher resources